Certified Hobby Box

Well I thought I wouldn’t buy any cards till October but my birthday happened last week so I decided to make my hobby box order early. I ordered a hobby box of 2013 Elite and 2013 Certified. I’ll post the Elite box some other time but for the time being, this Certified box is more important.

I opened the box yesterday and pulled the greatest card of my life.

Demaryius Thomas Auto 1/1


Needless I was ecstatic. Especially since it’s a great player.

Here are the rest of the hits from this box:



An opportunity

You may have noticed a lack of post lately or maybe you don’t read this blog at all. Most likely the later. The reason though is because I’ve had to take a step back and look at the big picture of my spending habits when it comes to buying cards. Getting back into this hobby took a lot of time and research. Through it all, I’ve had some highs and lows and a lot of spending inbetween.

This has led me to suspend my spending on cards which started on Sept. 8th. I plan on continuiing this until October. Then I will start buying only hobby boxes once per paycheck. I’m thinking of making my first purchase a box of 2013 Certified and maybe also a box of 2012 Topps Magic. I also plan on getting a box of 2013 Panini Playbook at some point in the future.

Until then, I have GTA 5 to help keep my mind off cards. And football.

I may also post other cards I have too. We’ll see.

Lamar Miller auto

I’ve been wanting to get a Lamar Miller auto for some time now and a couple weeks ago I found the one I wanted. I got an auto of his from 2012 Topps Inception 13/25. It’s currently worth $60 and I paid $30 which I think is fair. As a guy that played at the U and is now playing for the dolphins and should be their starting RB this year, I have high hopes for him and think he can be one of the top backs in the NFL which will hopefully increase his card value.


2013 Rookies and Stars

Got two rack packs of 2013 Rookies and Stars football recently at Walmart. The packs are ok. You get 5 RC’s per rack and one insert. The rest are just commons. 

Here’s what I got:

Andrew Luck Statistical Standouts insert
Darren McFadden Longevity insert

Notable RC’s – Tyrann Mathieu and Knile Davis

Notable Commons – RG3, Morris, Luck, Wilson, Brees, Manning, Rodgers


I like the overall design of the cards but I don’t feel like you get much value out of these cards. Probably won’t buy again. No pricing as of now.


2013 Topps

Recently I’ve been making a couple trips to Target and Walmart to pick up various packs and boxes of 2013 Topps Football. In all I got a couple rack packs, a $10 box from Target that contains 72 cards along with a green border rookie, a $20 box from Target that contains 72 cards and a ribbon patch and a $15 box from Walmart that contains 72 cards and a relic.

Here’s what I got from all that:

Brian Orakpo Camo Ribbon Patch
Tavon Austin Jumbo Jersey
Tyler Eifert Green Border RC

Notable Mini’s – Andrew Luck and Adrian Peterson

Notable RC’s – Geno Smith, E.J. Manuel (3), Eddy Lacy, Tavon Austin (3), Denard Robinson

Notable 4,000 Yard Club – Tom Brady, Andrew Luck (2)

Notable Gridiron Legends – Marshall Faulk (2), Troy Aikman, Terrell Davis

Notable Future Legends – RG3, Cam Newton, Trent Ricahrdson

Gold Cards (out of 2,013) – Eric Berry and Jonathan Dwyer


Pretty decent haul overall. The ribbon patch of Brian Orapko would have been just about my last choice of all the great players they made those cards for. Not sure what the pricing is on these yet.